7 amazing ways to celebrate friendship day

Where people around the world are gearing up to celebrate friendship day, you too must be eagerly waiting for the first Sunday of August i.e. 6th this year. You must be wondering what special to do on this friendship day or how to celebrate the occasion? Well, to clear the clouds of confusion we have listed below 10 amazing ways you can celebrate this friendship day and make it memorable for yourself and your friends.

Celebrate Friendship Day (1)

Where many people plan in advance, some plan it just before a day. Some are determined about what to do, some are not so sure. But as the day only come once a year, it would be really awful to let it go without celebrating it with your friends. Let’s look at some amazing ways to celebrate this friendship day:

  • Friendship day is all about celebrating the bond that you have with your friends. And what’s more better than going on a camping trip together or a picnic on friendship day. Get on the road and pig out on some great food with some amazing natural backdrop. You can also spend the day at home and watch some sports or any classic or latest movie or the best option, watch reruns of the “Friends” TV series. Just spend the day together with your friends reminiscing the old days and enjoy a laugh or two.
  • If all your friends in your friend circle are busy during the day, you can consider planning a grand dinner at home or at any fancy restaurant. You can have a potluck party at home or order some take-outs and indulge in some great food and laughter.
  • If some of your friends are in some other city or country, don’t forget to call them and greet. You can even send out interesting greeting cards along with some delectable chocolates or Beautiful Flowers. You can either order them online or buy from a conventional store.
  • Make a point to call all your old friends you haven’t talked to in a very long time. Because as the saying goes “Making new friends shouldn’t mean losing old ones”, because new might be silver but the old ones will always be gold.
  • You can meet up with your friends and exchange friendship bands or bracelets (personalized or general) or even amazing Friendship Day Gifts that hold some meaning for your friends.
  • You can even gather at a studio or anybody’s home and have a photo session together. This way you will get to mark this day by having fond and picturesque memories of this friendship day. You can even make this your ritual like once in a year, gather together and get some pictures clicked celebrating every milestone together with all your close friends.
  • If you and our friends are into outdoor activities such as golf, bowling, snooker, squash, etc. then you should plan the celebration of friendship day accordingly.

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